Discraft Buzzz vs Innova Mako3: A Battle of Straight Flying Mid-Range Discs

A side by side comparison of the Discraft Buzzz vs Innova Mako3

I recently had the opportunity to test and compare two popular straight-flying mid-range discs: the Discraft Buzzz and the Innova Mako3.

I decided to put these discs through their paces at Hann Park disc golf course, a 4.0-rated, shorter-style 18-hole course in California.

Both of these discs were acquired in a tournament payout, and I was eager to see if either could dethrone my go-to midrange, the eMac Truth.

Initial Impressions

Upon first handling the discs, I noticed a distinct difference in the feel and design of the rims. The Buzzz features a more concave, traditional mid-range rim, while the Mako3 has a rounded rim. The Mako3 felt somewhat awkward in my hand at first, but I grew more accustomed to its shape over time.

Flight Characteristics

Throughout my testing, both discs proved to be incredibly straight flyers, with the Mako3 displaying slightly more glide than the Buzzz. On various shots, the Mako3 seemed to maintain its glide longer and, at times, almost hunted the chains.

In contrast, the Buzzz offered a more predictable, controlled flight path, which is beneficial in certain situations.

When attempting anhyzer shots, I found that the Mako3 held its line more consistently, whereas the Buzzz exhibited a greater tendency to fight out of the anhyzer angle. Both discs demonstrated impressive stability on forehand shots, resisting the urge to flip over and maintaining a straight flight.

Both discs have similar flight numbers, however, the Mako3 tends to have a deeper rim, which comes down to personal preference.

Final Verdict

After an extensive day of testing, both the Discraft Buzzz and Innova Mako3 are fantastic straight-flying mid-range discs. Each disc has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice between them may come down to personal preference.

For me, the Mako3 edged out the Buzzz by a slim margin, primarily due to its ability to hold anhyzer lines more consistently and its slightly increased glide. However, either disc would be an excellent addition to any player’s bag.

If you’re considering adding one of these discs to your arsenal, try both out and determine which one feels more comfortable in your hand and suits your throwing style.

Regardless of which disc you choose, you can’t go wrong with the Discraft Buzzz or Innova Mako3 for a straight-flying mid-range option. Pro tip: you can purchase both of these discs online from a disc golf disc shop.

Discraft Buzzz vs Innova Mako3: A Battle of Straight Flying Mid-Range Discs

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