What Do The Numbers On A Disc Golf Disc Mean?

Disc Golf

If you are looking for one sport that has recently gained immense popularity, disc golf is one of the best examples. It is similar to traditional golf. But in this game, a disc is thrown into the basket instead of hitting the ball into the hole.

But one of the most intimidating parts of a golf disc is the numbers present on this disc. It is a four-digit number that makes people better at the game. Unfortunately, it is difficult for beginners to understand the mystery behind these numbers on the disc. Hence, we have created a guide for you to understand the meaning behind the numbers on the disc and their significance in disc golf.

Disc golf disc numbers are an essential part of the sport and will help you pick the best beginner-friendly discs for your game. Let’s dive in!

Numbers on the disc

Four numbers on a disc represent the speed of the disc, the turn, glide, and fade. It is a shorthand way to describe the flight path of the disc.

  • The first number of the disc represents the speed of the disc, which is considered the true character of disc golf as it flies through the air. Speed also represents the ability of the disc to glide through the air, ranging from numbers 1 to 14. As the number increases, so will the speed of the disc. A lower number represents discs at lesser speeds, which is suitable for beginners with slower arm speeds.
  • The second number is the glide which represents how well the disc stays in the air, and the numbers range between 1 to 7. A higher number indicates more disc glide, which means they will stay in the air a little longer. This makes it useful for longer shots and shots that need to navigate around different obstacles. Two notoriously glidey discs are the Discraft Buzzz and Innova Mako3.
  • The third number represents the tendency to turn during a flight. The numbers for this are rated from -5 to +1. The negative number represents that the numbers will easily turn to the right, while the positive sign indicates that the disc will fly straighter. If you are opting for throwing long distances, you can use the negative numbers, which can also be used for analyzing shots.
  • The fourth and last number is the fade which shows the ability of a disc to fade at the end of the flight. It ranges from 0 to 5, and higher numbers indicate more fade. A higher fade is essential for players who need a harder throw that lands in a specific area. Discs with a lower fade rating have flights with a lesser hook, making it easy to play straighter shots.


Choosing the numbers on the disc while disc golfing is directly proportional to the player’s expertise. In addition to the four numbers mentioned above, other factors determine the speed, flight, and other aspects of a disc-like durability, disc group, plastic-type, and many more. Hence, if you are a beginner or an expert, you must choose the disc accordingly.

What Do The Numbers On A Disc Golf Disc Mean?

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